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Welcome to our Planned Lifetime Networks – Waterloo Region (PLN) website. At PLN we believe we are better together!  Relationships are the foundation of building a great life and safe future for all, regardless of ability or circumstance.  As well, wise financial and future planning today ensures a great life for a vulnerable loved one tomorrow and for their lifetime.

At Planned Lifetime Networks, we provide for both of these essentials, building social support networks, and education on critical issues regarding future security.

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Two upcoming Workshops in October 2017

Care for the Caregiver

Discuss how individuals and families can learn some strategies to help with the different ways we all support each other at home and in our communities.


Henson Trust, Wills, and Estate Planning

Discuss Henson Trust, Wills and Estate Planning.


See our Information Sessions page for more details about both sessions, and to register.


weaving a story of change

The Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project

Prepared by:
David Hasbury, Neighbours International

The following is an extract of the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (OIFN) document “weaving a story of change“.

There are an estimated 70,000 people with developmental disabilities in Ontario. Fewer than 20,000 have spaces in agency directed residential settings; most of them require day/employment support on weekdays as well. By 2018, 24,000 people will access PASSPORT direct individualized funding to enable people to create more customized support.

Calling For New Collaborations

The Ministry, service providers, individuals, families, advocates all agree new options are needed. Since future options are not yet clear, there needs to be new safe spaces to generate cross boundary agreements on potential options. The boundary issues include health, child welfare, corrections, addictions, mental health, family supports, aging, dementia.. and more. Although indigenous issues add additional layers of jurisdictional complexity – none of these issues will go away or be ignored. Responses limited to narrow silos will only add to the chaos and frustration.

Innovative options such as Independent Facilitation are not ‘THE answer’, but they are a key element in a family of responses – new and old – that desperately need to collaborate so that citizens have genuine opportunities to contribute.

People WANT to be contributing citizens in and of the community. Agencies of all shapes and sizes WANT to support people and families to be fully participating citizens. The Ministry WANTS to liberate and support the capacities of citizens who have historically been excluded to be fully engaged citizens.

To create this feasible future, there must be collaboration on a scale we have not yet seen. It will require mutual trust, respect, transparency – AND funding. Endless ‘projects’ that create glimpses of hope only to fade into oblivion, erase the very energy and trust that can build this desirable future on which we fundamentally all agree.

The Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project’s learning journey to Weave A Story Of Change outlines the history, complexity and possibility of creating and sustaining the contribution of one innovative option of support.

We believe it has enormous potential – if it is funded and supported appropriately. It is NOT a silver bullet. It is only one of the family of new options that we can and must develop to create better and secure lives for disadvantaged citizens.

We must ultimately create support structures that are sustainable so we do not betray the hopes and capacities of people once again. This will not be easy – but it is possible.

who is this document for?

…people with developmental disabilities, their families,and allies — to help them understand what Independent Facilitation is and how it might be able to help them in creating the life they need and want

...the Ministry of Community and Social Services — to support its efforts to transform Developmental Services and make a case for Independent Facilitation as a valuable investment in innovation that supports the MCSS vision to develop services that enable people to be included and belong; to contribute as community members; and live as citizens equal to all other citizens

…DSOs — to provide a clear understanding of what Independent Facilitation is and who may benefit from this type of service offering.

…anyone who is interested in becoming an Independent


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May 24, 2017 Wills, Estate Planning & Henson Trusts

2017 Art Show – Our Art show reception  is scheduled May 30th, 6-9 pm.  Please drop by the Museum to see the exhibit and bid on your favourite piece before the 28th .

Employment Opportunities

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Our 2016 Side by Side Art Show “ART and Soul” – a GREAT SUCCESS!

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