Resources – Financial Planning

Here are some resources to assist you with financial planning for yourself and your person with a disability.  Haven’t applied for the Disability Tax Credit? Visit Canada Revenue Agency to obtain details and application forms.

Also see our RDSP page.

There are many Financial Planning Toolkits available on the internet from most financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies as well as independent sources.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada this Toolkit provides reliable, unbiased and easy-to-use information and tools that people can use to become more capable and confident financial consumers.

Money Sense Magazine  this Toolkit provides 10 worksheets that will allow you to prepare your own professional-quality personal financial plan.

Special Services at Home (SSAH) & Passport Coalition The SSAH /Passport Coalition (SSAHPC) was initially formed in 1990 by a dedicated group of individuals, families and agencies who joined together. We expanded our mandate to include the Passport Program in 2011. We came together for strength and support because of growing concerns regarding the need to expand policy and funding for Special Services at Home program (SSAH)and the Passport program. In the early 90′s , we believe our advocacy efforts encouraged the government to increase the SSAH funds.

Do you have permission to discuss your person with a disability’s account with Canada Revenue Agency? If not, you may wish to file a Form T1013.