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Registered Disability Savings Plan

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a savings plan designed specifically for people with disabilities in Canada. The first of its kind in the world, this new tax-deferred savings vehicle will assist around 500,000 Canadians in planning for long-term financial security. We host regular workshops on RDSP’s, check our workshops for the next date or signup.

Below are a number of links to resources and providers for more information on the RDSP.

Government of Canada has RDSP information available at :

Canada Revenue Agency
Employment and Social Development Canada 

The PLAN Institute has created a guide – PLAN-Step-by-Step-Guide_Revised-2013 , and website  RDSP website  with  a free RDSP calculator, step-by-step guide, blogs, tutorials and other valuable resources on the RDSP.

The March of Dimes has created a series of videos on RDSP by Graeme Treeby of the “Special Needs” Planning Group shares his knowledge about the RDSP assistance program for people with disabilities.

A March of Dimes Minutes – #18 – RDSP Overview
A March of Dimes Minutes – #19 – Private RDSP Contributions
A March of Dimes Minutes – #20  – Federal RDSP Contributions (Savings Grant)
A March of Dimes Minutes – #21 – Federal RDSP Contributions (Savings Bond)
A March of Dimes Minutes – #22 – RDSP Withdrawl
A March of Dimes Minutes – #23 – RDSP Early Withdrawal Penalties
A March of Dimes Minutes – #24 – RDSP Tax Implications
 A March of Dimes Minutes – #25 – RDSP Drawbacks
A March of Dimes Minutes – #26 – RDSP Benefits

Most of the financial institutions  in Waterloo Region provide RDSP services, which can be seen at their website:

Bank of Montreal (BMO)*
Libro Cedit Union
Mennonite Savings and Credit Union 
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
TD Waterhouse
* Official Sponsor of PLAN and Affiliates

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