Tyze is an innovative, safe and secure, social networking tool that is designed to enhance the face to face building of personal support networks.  It is also designed to create a bridge between the formal and informal supports in a person’s life, which in turn can provide for a better level of care.  Check out the information sheets below for more details.


Tyze Information Package:  Tyze Information Package

Tyze is also great for groups, organizations, businesses or Boards.  For $500 per year, your group can utilize Tyze to assist with connecting people, doing projects, organizing events, maintaing a virtual “library” of information, and so much more.  Your purchase of a Tyze site includes one workshop for key staff and/or volunteers (up to three individuals) and ongoing support from TBFN staff.  Additional workshops can be organized at a cost of $50 each.  All monies paid for Tyze go back into TBFN and are utilized to build networks of support and assist with future planning workshops for families.